food & drinks

From the field into a vacuum-bag 

The idea behind this shop is to let you have a look into our pantry, which we've opened up to all guests. For ourselves I have also always cooked in larger volumes, vacuumed it, and froze it, for later.

Since covid we helped late guests out with food and drinks, and this way the idea grew to offer it more permanently. With having lots of food in vacuum-bags, it was easy to help out our guests.

One thing, the shop is best viewed in landscape on a mobile, you see more products.

The vegetables are mostly with produce from the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) we are members from. So what's on offer is depending on the season, and quite some labour, to get it on a plate, but so worth for the good taste…

Otherwise they're from biological origine, which is less work, but still a big difference in taste.

The letters & numbers before the produce, are to organise them, and for you to see if it's in the Fridge or the Freezer.

FR is for Fridge

F   is for Freezer

O  is for outside

For the stuff in the freezer, first look in the shop, then have a look on the outside of the freezer, you'll find the same pdf as here below, to show you what is where in the freezer.

You don't have to order every time you take something from the fridge, just put it each time in your shopping trolley, until you check-out, and you have your total. We also don't need your name or adress, only an email is needed to make the purchase. You can't leave the other fields blank, just put a smiley or something.

Enjoy, and definetely no obligation, just an extra service we provide.